My 2 Youtube videos

Actually i posted the first video around…. i don’t remenber well, between February or March 2012, However i deleted it about in November or December 2012, However it was reuplouded in July 2013 🙂 ,while the second video is new and i uplouded it in August 2013 🙂 .
In my YouTube cannel also called ProudFeministGirl, The first video (title is: Racism in Mexico against Mexicans) is against the racism of Mexican TV, which often portrays European looking actors, instead of ethnic Mexican looking actors.
The second video is Mexican actresses beauty (i did have to choose the most Brown actresses i could find, since that is the correct representation of Mexicans) vs Korean actresses from the Hallyu Wave 🙂 .

-Update: December 3, 2013 = I will explain the reasons i had to delete the video in the past. First the HUGE bashing it had, you know, i never take seriously the bashing ( agaisnt me or my causes) on the contrary, i used to laugh at many of the bashing and enjoy the debate, because well, many of the things people wrote were funny, however at one point the bashing was so BIG, that almost 90% of the comments were against my video, and i was even to start thinking that i was on the wrong, and anyways most new people that would watch my video would be against me Reading all those comments saying i am on the wrong, in fact one commenter supported me, then other commenter who was always against my cause talked to him in the comments, and finally convinced him that i was wrong! He deleted his comment in support of me and his like to my video 😦 . This year i had some bashing ,however it was few, the former commenters that bashed me, were so into my video and leave much more comments, i also get more support this time. -Another reason is that my video also was a way to promote Korean things, as you can see, some Korean actors/ singers appear on my video, why? i explained in the video, that in Korea, the actors have the correct look of their average people, an example of what Mexico should do, with that link i hoped to expose more people to the Korean Wave, however with time i also lost a lot interest on Korean things and didn’t made sense anymore the video, i though, but this time is back 🙂



December 2, 2013 · 11:53 pm

34 responses to “My 2 Youtube videos

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      • narut00

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      Coward: WE WILL REVEAL SOME TRUTH NOW, ME AND MY SISTER DO FOR FUN AMONG OTHER THINGS, OUR job , BECAUSE IS NOT AN AVERAGE JOB, WE ARE actors IN MEXICO AND WE ACT IN TELENOVELAS, WE STILL aren’t that famous, but growing, but we spent free time on blogs, i may think you could be even Justin Bieber posting on blogs on his free time. Really shocking.

  11. white man

    Hey naruto how do you know so much about TV acters?

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    • narut00

      Coward we like the Japanese , so anti- Japanese propaganda on the site is not allowed, this is a warning. For East Asians you also likely refer to Japanese, so be more specific on the future.

      • white man

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      • Lol, like i said i am a growing actress in Mexico, i can change the name of the blog to my real name and you will see thousands of followers to this blog ; ) .Besides i already have Jewamongyou and Man Reader (from Feministx’s blog) as loyal. (And Shawn unless it was you with other of your names).

      • narut00


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