My Top-5 Dragon Ball villains

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I’ve been a Dragon Ball fan for a long time but I’ve never really done anything Dragon Ballish on the blog (apart from the rant about We Gotta Power a while back) so I finally decided that just for kicks I’d list my Top-5 favorite villains from the series. And just to note, yes this will include both the original Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z, but not GT since I haven’t seen that one.

To avoid confusion I’m also not including any incarnation of Piccolo or Vegeta on the list because some people may not get that these guys eventually became goodguys. At the end I’ll list a few characters that were considered for the list but didn’t make it.

Top-5 Villains

1. Freeza (a.k.a. Frieza)

I’ve always loved Freeza. He’s just so frickin’ creepy. You see him and instantly you get the sense that you’re utterly fucked. The…

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15 responses to “My Top-5 Dragon Ball villains

  1. Stilicho


    I like anime and manga too, but I like the female wrestling genre….what are your thoughts on that style of artwork?

  2. Stilicho

    Hurrah! I love it…I think some of the artwork is just fantastic: the blend of beauty and competition is staggeringly beautiful 🙂

  3. Stilicho

    I have a few anime pics I’d like to get your opinion on — do you have an email address I can use to send them to you ?

  4. Stilicho

    Just tried it and got an error message — “mailbox unavailable” — ?

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