Who is better Japan or South Korea?

Japan = more influence first and foremost in 1- videogames (Nintendo, Playstation) and 2-Animation ; South Korea= more influence first and foremost in 1- music (Psy, Kpop) and 2- Tv series. Japan stuff has a more worldwide appeal since is quite popular in different cultures and races (such as Western or Hispanic). Korea stuff has strong appeal among Asian countries and communities. It seems however that people get less interested towards Japan. While China and Thailand beat the both in tourism, Korea do it with Japan. While many people in the world enjoy watching Naruto, they as a whole don’t care that much about the Japan brand. Video games and Animation may reach a wider audience but they don’t let you see much about the country, unlike Korean singers and actors who let you see the face of Korea. I personally can’t be interested much in Kpop because is a foreign language, Psy is the only one well known around the world, but the debut of Korean singer CL in United States may give more to Kpop in non-Asian lands. If you go to facebook Japan gets most likes for its Playstation and Mario, while Korea do it for Samsung and then the actor Lee Minho and singer Psy, also Bigbang a Korean group has about one million more likes than the anime Naruto (9 million vs 8 million) so as whole, what of the 2 countries you readers think is more admired? I personally would want it to be Japan, but can’t help to be attracted to Korea strenghts.


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3 responses to “Who is better Japan or South Korea?

  1. I love Saint Seiya anime.

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