I am sexy and I know it

I am sexy and I know it



November 17, 2013 · 6:37 am

Journalist or Acting first?

21 years old, i want to quit my career, i am native Spanish speaker so forgive some mistakes, my career is administrator of business (Spanish: administrador de empresas). To me is dull, why i am there? because in High School i was quite a lazy student, i barely graduated, yes i did it, but barely .So my single mom said that she wanted me to study something available in our small city, She didn’t let me go to another big city in a career i wanted, my logic is: if i study i career i love ,of course i would be pretty responsable on it, however my mom though i would be lazy there like i was in high school, she said she wanted me near her, because i wasn’t responsable enough, i accepted, i was about to graduate in this career until december 2015, but i can’t stand this anymore, i started this career on 2011. I was honest with my parents some weeks ago, and they agreed to let me go, but until May 2014, meanwhile i still will be in this career. I want to be an Actress, but is difficult, plus actors have anyways more Jobs than just Acting, so i choosed Journalism, in Yahoo Answers most people said to me i should choose Journalism. But i like Acting more, i am quite confused.


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