[Review] C-drama: Eternally Loving “Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms” (2017)


DISVFK5UQAEjQw_ Lead actor Mark Chao got criticized for getting this role because “he wasn’t handsome enough” UGH whatever, people.

EPIC, AMAZING, FANTASTIC, BRILLIANT, BEAUTIFUL, ADDICTING, and all the other positive adjectives you could think of.

Yes, I’m officially part of the millions of people who got drunk with peach blossom wine. If you have been following us on Twitter, you could have easily seen how rapid the system of “Eternal Love” was eating me up. It is now one of the dramas that I consider very close to my heart since it has saved me from a drama slump (suffered for 3 months or more lol). If you want to know more of my thoughts regarding China’s biggest hit drama of the year, then go on and read some more.

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Así será “Tiempo de Amar” la nueva novela turca de Telefe 

Moskita Muerta

Muy pronto Telefe presenta la telenovela turca “Tiempo de amar”, una historia de amor de dos jóvenes que vienen de mundos completamente diferentes.Kemal (Burak Özçivit) es hijo de una familia de clase media de Estambul, que conoce a una mujer que cambiará su monótona vida. Nihan (Neslihan Atagül) es la chica del barrio glamoroso de la ciudad. El amor entre ellos es imposible por la diferencia de clase, pero se las arreglarán para estar juntos.

Eso hasta el día en que él debe mudarse a otra ciudad, desconociendo que ella se casará obligada con otro hombre.

Kemal, con el corazón roto, se aísla en su trabajo y pasan 5 años escondiéndose de su pasado. Pero un día, un accidente hace que su vida tome un rumbo inesperado.

Kemal, completamente cambiado, regresa a Estambul para encontrarse con Nihan, su marido y todo lo que lo hizo esconderse. Kemal no podrá escapar…

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My Talent


What you think 😀

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Why is Japan such an unpopular tourist destination?



You would think that a country like Japan, rich as it is in both traditional culture and technical innovation, as well as plenty of weird and wacky things you’ll never see elsewhere, would be a huge hit with tourists. But as it turns out, Japan is actually not such a popular destination for people traveling abroad. Join us after the jump to find out why.

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Who is better Japan or South Korea?

Japan = more influence first and foremost in 1- videogames (Nintendo, Playstation) and 2-Animation ; South Korea= more influence first and foremost in 1- music (Psy, Kpop) and 2- Tv series. Japan stuff has a more worldwide appeal since is quite popular in different cultures and races (such as Western or Hispanic). Korea stuff has strong appeal among Asian countries and communities. It seems however that people get less interested towards Japan. While China and Thailand beat the both in tourism, Korea do it with Japan. While many people in the world enjoy watching Naruto, they as a whole don’t care that much about the Japan brand. Video games and Animation may reach a wider audience but they don’t let you see much about the country, unlike Korean singers and actors who let you see the face of Korea. I personally can’t be interested much in Kpop because is a foreign language, Psy is the only one well known around the world, but the debut of Korean singer CL in United States may give more to Kpop in non-Asian lands. If you go to facebook Japan gets most likes for its Playstation and Mario, while Korea do it for Samsung and then the actor Lee Minho and singer Psy, also Bigbang a Korean group has about one million more likes than the anime Naruto (9 million vs 8 million) so as whole, what of the 2 countries you readers think is more admired? I personally would want it to be Japan, but can’t help to be attracted to Korea strenghts.


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My Top-5 Dragon Ball villains

Hande's Blog

I’ve been a Dragon Ball fan for a long time but I’ve never really done anything Dragon Ballish on the blog (apart from the rant about We Gotta Power a while back) so I finally decided that just for kicks I’d list my Top-5 favorite villains from the series. And just to note, yes this will include both the original Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z, but not GT since I haven’t seen that one.

To avoid confusion I’m also not including any incarnation of Piccolo or Vegeta on the list because some people may not get that these guys eventually became goodguys. At the end I’ll list a few characters that were considered for the list but didn’t make it.

Top-5 Villains

1. Freeza (a.k.a. Frieza)

I’ve always loved Freeza. He’s just so frickin’ creepy. You see him and instantly you get the sense that you’re utterly fucked. The…

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The real truth abou “me”

Lolz, happy new 2014, in this blog since it is the first post this year, and now the aforementioned truth is here in this blog 😉



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